Due to ever-increasing carbon dioxide emissions and the excessive use of fossil fuels, RITEK, the largest manufacturer of optical storage media in the world, is well aware of the fact that our products, services and activities may have significant impacts on the environments and its safety. Therefore, RITEK emphasize on creating more environmental friendly products which comply with all the related environmental protection laws.


The myeco trademark has once again proven RITEK’s commitment to preserving natural resources and cherishing our planet. Myeco product lines include Photovoltaic product, LED Lamp, eco disc, etc. RITEK has been environmentally responsible since it was formed earning the Green Dove ISO 14001 certificate. Moreover, RITEK are devoted to “Media Recycle Activity’’ from 2005 in Taiwan and also putting continued efforts in innovating new materials and energy with less environment impact.


For the Green future, Pleas join us to protect and cherish nature of the Earth.



Received ISO 9002 certification


Received ISO 14001 certification

2000.04 Received ISO 9001 certification (the 1994 edition)
2000.11 Received QS9000 certification


Received Green Partner certification from Sony


Received ISO 14001 certification (the 2004 edition)
2005.09 Received OHSAS 18001 certification (the 1999 edition)


Received ISO 9001 certification (the 2000 edition)


Received the Green mark certification from the EPA (Environmental Protection Administration)


Received OHSAS 18001 certification (the 2007 edition)
Solar Module


Solar Module, green energy, has become significant in the sustainable development of future energy sources. RITEK has been focusing its efforts on green energy, and has invested in the photovoltaic industry. RITEK provides dynamic, highly-efficient and super competitive solar modules. Not only create energy ,but also do recycle for environment.




Small Home System

The SHS (Small Home System) is designed for use as an emergency power supply or as a power source in remote areas. The SHS uses small, lightweight, easily installed solar modules to generate electric power. It saves energy and money on your energy bill so easily.




LED Lamp

Myeco LED lamp is efficient and power saving product. Its LED light sources provide extreme illumination without interrupting UV rays or heat radiation. Moreover, its patented filter design prevents glare for improved visibility. It is good for our health. Myeco LED lamp is a new concept in healthy, bright, long lasting lighting for home or the office!




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