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RITEK's commitment to innovation has resulted in a state-of-the-art R&D center where the most advanced research equipments and laboratories in the optical electronic and chemical fields are being operated by leading R&D teams. These R&D teams strive to become "Future Life Engineers" and are devoted to developing next generation optical, electronic and magnetic storage media. In order to be at the very forefront of talent and technology in the industry, RITEK has set up partnerships with leading academic institutions and large international manufacturers. By doing this, RITEK demonstrates a commitment to maintaining its position as the world's leading supplier of optical & portable storage. RITEK's research & development focus on:


High Density

RITEK devotes in research and development and establishing the R&D unit in world-class for recording type media. We have complete equipments and advanced laboratories to proceed various disc developments, such as next generation products - BD,Super-RENS disc and Hologram.


High Speed

Emphasize the high speed and great qualities of the recordable media.


Multi Layer

In order to deepen our technology, RITEK devotes to the Multi Layer of recordable media such as BD Double Layer and multi-layer.

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