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RITEK is the first optical disc manufacturer in Taiwan accredited with the certifications of ISO 9001 and QS9000.At present, our quality management system has been qualified with the certificate of ISO9001:2008. RITEK's emphasis on quality starts from the process of R&D to the delivery of products with the complete implementation of quality system .As the global leader in storage media manufacturer , we insist on delivering the best quality products to customers.


RITEK expands production capacity in accordance with the most severe demand on quality to deliver the products of consistent quality. Meanwhile, our quality policy is applied to all processes within the company, including product research and developments, mass production, purchase of material, production procedures, delivery and customer service. We have laboratories for environmental testing and optical experiments with a lot of investments on testing equipment to enhance our product liability. RITEK's outstanding technical departments are the basis to support each production line to secure the highest quality and zero defects of products. We work on continuous training to elevate the capabilities of our employees and achieve our demand on quality through all processes in a hope to achieve our ultimate goal: "Satisfy customer's needs; exceed their expectation."


RITEK's Quality Policy:

T: Training (Continuous training of all employees)

Q: Quality (Promoting overall demand on quality)

C: Client (Exceeding customers' expectations)


RITEK's Goal of Quality

  • To obtain customer's greatest recognition based on customer's needs.
  • To achieve highly effective quality system with the participation and action of all employees.
  • To provide the correct product with correct core technology and timing.
  • To satisfy customers with highly cooperative and continuous activities of improvement.


RITEK's System of Quality Management


In order to ensure the fluency of our operation, RITEK makes great efforts from production planning to the coordination of product marketing. We ensure high-level equipment and material management to obtain optimal efficiency and product quality.


RITEK possesses world-class automated production management systems. RITEK is also ahead of its competitors in developing a flexible manufacturing system, which allows adjustments in output capacities of various products in the shortest time. This enables RITEK to provide customers the most efficient and optimal services .

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