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Environment, Health & Safety

Enterprise business will continue forever with the management as their goal, the RITEK Company praises oneself as the (Future Engineer), from being engaged in the economic activities, it will work as a friendly social responsibility.


The operational policy of the company will have a continues forever guidance, grasps the protection environment, treasure the natural resource and goal of the safety and zero health disaster, and will try hard to promote a happy quality of life.


This company with all colleagues will fulfill the following Environmental Safety & Health Policy:



Work activity, the product and the service should observe and conform to the government Environmental Protection 、Safety & Health law and the customers standard request.
Economize source, uses as far as possible lowly pollute material or reproducible material.
Safety 、Health & Environmental Protection pay equal attention to, continues to impel the risk management, reduces the environment impact and the safety and health risk reduces to the personnel and the border environment influence.

Make all staff cognition company policy and should take responsibility, penetrate education and training, strengthen the guidance and the communication, and let the customer and the supplier understand the company policy.


Realization link for environmental and health policy management, the regular examination carries out the achievement , ensure it application with validity, and continues to improve the environmental protection work.


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