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1. What is SDHC? Does SDHC compatibility with my Device?
2. Why can't I register life time warranty on your website?
3. Where to buy RIDATA's memory card?
4. There is something wrong with my memory card. It can't format, neither read/write. What can I do?
5. Why my memory card can't access by camera?
6. Are all the RIDATA's memory card lifetime warranty
7. I bought a 8G CF card but it only shows 2GB.
8. My memory card somehow has the problem to access. How can I rescue my important data.
9. The CF Card in my DSC is full, but it fails when I place it in the Reader,and I get a request to format it instead.
10. What can I do if my memory card is not recognized by the DSC, PDA, or Card Reader?
11. If your 150X SD 2GB is recognized as 1G byte after re-format, please download this fix program and it will be recovered to 2G byte
12. I put the CF card into the Card Reader, first it worked well, but later it no longer worked
13. I have bought a Ritek CF Card and tested its compatibility, however it seems much slower than another card I bought later.
14. What do 12X, 16X and 24X on CF Card labels mean?
15. The CF card worked well in the PDA but failed in the NB. Have both of them a CompactFlash interface? Why does it fail even if I re-format it?
16. How do I get my RIDATA product fixed?
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