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1. Under which OS does the EZ Drive work?
2. Can I use EZ drive on Win95 or Win NT 4.0?
3. Why the transfer rate of my EZ Drive will suddenly drop down?
4. How can I find the drivers or software for RITDATA EZ drive?
5. Where can I buy RIDATA's product?
6. Does RIDATA's EZ Drive get life time warranty?
7. What should I do if the transfer rate of RIDATA's EZ driveis extremely slow?
8. There is something wrong with my EZ Drive. It can't format, neither read/write. What can I do?
9. What should I do, if my computer can't recognize EZ Drive?
10. Can I use EZ Drive on old computer?
11. Can EZ Drive use under DOS?
12. Can I boot my computer by EZ Drive?
13. I am using windows 98. After download driver and installation, it still can't work. What can I do?
14. Why do I always get a "Memory Storage" message when I paste files onto the Flash memory disk even when the total capacity of files do not exceed the capacity of the EZ drive?
15. What can I do if I cannot get the Flash disk to work on Win ME?
16. I have a 512MB Flash disk, but how come I can only see 498MB capacity usable at the most?
17. How do I get my RIDATA product fixed?

Answer:The best way is to send your product to the place you bought. If somehow you can't send to the original place, please send to our company.


For customer in Taiwan, please repair it where you bought or contact us by RIDATA toll-free number 0800-500660.

For customers in America, please contact our branch office at


For customers in Europe or Africa, please contact our branch office


For other countries where there isn't RIDATA's branch office please contact our or

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