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1. Can I use EZ drive on Win95 or Win NT 4.0?
2. How can I find the drivers or software for RITDATA EZ drive?
3. How can I find out the model of my EZ drive?
4. Can I use any RITDATA EZ drive as a bootable one?
5. What is the difference between USB 1.0, USB 1.1, and USB 2.0?
6. Why do I always get a “ Memory Storage ” message when I paste files onto the Flash memory disk even when the total capacity of files do not exceed the capacity of the EZ drive?
7. What can I do if I cannot get the Flash disk to work on Win ME?
8. Can I use the Flash disk to create a virtual disk?
9. I have a 512MB Flash disk, but how come I can only see 498MB capacity usable at the most?
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