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27. While replicating replicated DVD, beat out “superfluous cycle” error message to can’t replicate. Why?
28. Why can't I replicate my disc?
29. Why does burners(drivers) has to update firmware? What benefit?
30. If disc were able to over-burn?
31. Why can I read disc data with low-speed replicate but cant' with high-speed?
32. Why the computer can't be detected driver or has a sudden disappeared while be detected?
33. Is it a normal phenomenon that readable surface of DL has ripple?
34. How to replicate a single file over 2GB in blank DVD?
35. What's Light Scribe?
36. What's Label Flash?
37. Finish replicating DVD by Nero, it shows up error message in reading track area while checking data, why?
38. Why does a blank disc CD-R 80 min have 703MB or 802MB ?
39. Why does happen filename fragmentation or disappearance or even can't find it?
40. Is quality in high-speed replication less than in low-speed replication?
41. Why can't burners(drivers) accept discs in replicating?
42. Can firmware returned to the old version? How can I do if update new firmware failure?
43. Why can't I backup commercial DVD video?
44. If quality will be affected in burners(drivers) vertical placement?
45. Why does happen “Buffer Under Run” in replicating?
46. Why will the capacity of CD-RW or DVD-RW/+RW be more less after INCD format? Why can’t be readable in other computers.
47. Why happen tone quality not good 、screen freeze or mosaic in replicated audio 、VCD or DVD?
48. Why is the delayed phenomenon in DVD video playing or spin-down phenomenon in replicating by external burners(drivers) ?
49. Is a disc able to be marked by a paster for information?
50. It shows up "Foreign image settings" while replicating image file by Nero. How to set to replicate?
51. What are different between smooth printable and rough printable?
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