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1. What's CD?
2. CD disc types?
3. What's DVD?
4. CD disc types?
5. What is different between DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW ? Which one is better?
6. What's DVD region code?
7. How many times can be used in re-writable disc?
8. Why would a disc be failure or interruption in replicated?
9. Why can't a disc record(replicate) by the highest speed?
10. Why is time too long in replicating a disc?
11. Why can't the blank capacity 4.7GB of disc show up 4.7GB actually in replicating?
12. How to identify the disc type and the manufacture?
13. Why do happen error messages, Power Calibration Failed and Power Calibration Full in replicating?
14. Methods of avoiding replicating failure and concept in replicating correctly.
15. Why does have to start DMA while replicating? How to start DMA mode?
16. DVD-RAM using introduction
17. Setup Book type function introduction
18. What's D5 or D9?
19. Why can't I re-replicate DVD+RW disc with RW mark?
20. How to replicate over-burn in CD-R 80/90/99 minutes?
21. Is it reliability to judge disc quality by Nero CD-DVD(CD Speed)?
22. How to protect disc?
23. Two common senses of identification disc quality while buying blank disc.
24. Choose blank discs while purchasing
25. Is this a problem that A burners(drivers) model changed to B burners(drivers) model though update firmware in network or non-official firmware?
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