Storage Media

RITEK’s storage media is a branch of RITEK Corporation. RITEK’s storage media product lines include optical storage media: CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Disc; Electronic storage media includes flash memory cards, USB flash drives, portable hard disc drives(HDD) and solid state drives (SSD) and others upon request.

Captain Series

. Faster:improves speed of loading applications and system boot up
. Reliable:with no moving parts, solid-state drives are less likely to fail than stardard hard drives
. Large capacity:enough space to migrate an entire HDD to a SSD
. Form factor:2.5-inch drive, ultra-slim 7mm
. Silent:runs silent and cool

Capacity 120GB 240GB 480GB 960GB
(ATTO Max Seq.)
  120GB Read up to 550MB/s、Write up to 380MB/s
   240GB Read up to 550MB/s、Write up to 400MB/s
   480GB Read up to 550MB/s、Write up to 400MB/s
Weight ≦80 (g)
Dimensions 100.2 x 69.8 x 7 (mm)
Interface SATA III  
 Power Supply 5 Volt
 Form Factor 2.5 Inch
Operating Temperature 0 to +70°C
Storage Temperature -40 to +85°C
Error Corretion Code 66-bit/1 KB
 Power consumption
(Active read)(avg)
1.2 W
 Power consumption
(Active write)(avg)
2.5 W
 Power consumption
(Active Idle)
0.3 W
Shock resistance 1500 G/0.5 ms