What does a 60-year old heritage factory do?


Is 60 years a long time? Or a short time? The average lifespan of businesses in Taiwan lasts only 7 to 13 years. Nikkei Asian Review once looked into the top 100 Japanese companies and found that the average company lasts no more than 30 years. Only by adopting diversified management and implementing continuous internal transformation of the organization can it continue to exist in a competitive environment.

RITEK Group is a conglomerate that currently boasts 60 years of history. In operation since 1952, and founded by Mr. Ye Ching-Tai, the company went from the production of plastic products to that of vinyl music. The fact that RITEK could grow into a conglomerate today depends entirely on the launching of innovative technologies at the right time, finding the right people, and creating new products enabling the organization to grow stronger. RITEK's very name is also an portmanteau of the words "Right" and "Technology."
The company's diversified operation begins from the cultivation of RITEK's internal departments, and when the energy reaches the pivot, the department will be reestablished as a self-managed company, such as RITdisplay, U Tech, and Aimcore Technology. The parent company, RITEK, has also expanded to various parts of the world, such as Vietnam, the United States, the Netherlands, Panama, and China.
At present, the major areas that our group focuses on include Storage Media, Panels, Energy Industry, Micron Technology, Chemical Material, International Realty & Public Service. We will share the development stories of these products and more information about them in the future. Please subscribe to our special newsletter!