Storage Media

RITEK Corporation primarily produces blank storage media.The RITEK’s storage media product lines include optical storage media: CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Disc; Electronic storage media includes flash memory cards, USB flash drives, portable hard disc drives(HDD) and solid state drives (SSD) and others upon request. RITEK GROUP also uses these items to produce pre-recorded products, managed by subsidiary U-Tech Media.

RIDATA DDR4 / 2666&2400 U-DIMM & SO-DIMM

RIDATA DDR4 U-DIMM and SO-DIMM memory are the latest upgrade solutions, which support the latest platforms to achieve faster data transmission and higher power efficiency.

The operating voltage has been reduced to 1.2V, which helps to save power consumption.

Each RIDATA memory module can ensure compatibility, stability and environmentally friendly products.

Module Type DDR4 U-DIMM / 2666 DDR4 SO-DIMM / 2666
Density 4 GB/ 8 GB / 16 GB 4 GB/ 8 GB / 16GB
Speed 2666 MHz 2666 MHz
CAS Latency CL16 / CL19 CL16 / CL19
VCC 1.2 V 1.2 V
Module Type DDR4 U-DIMM / 2400 DDR4 SO-DIMM / 2400
Density 4 GB/ 8 GB / 16 GB 4 GB/ 8 GB / 16GB
Speed 2400 MHz 2400 MHz
CAS Latency CL17 / CL19 CL17 / CL19
VCC 1.2 V 1.2 V