RITEK is family.

 It is RITEK’s commitment to provide comprehensive benefits and support to every family member. RITEK cares about the wellbeing of its employees’ food, clothing, housing, transportation, education and entertainment. RITEK established an employee welfare committee that strives to offer the greatest benefits for its employees. We offer fair, just and immediate salaries, enabling our employees to concentrate and work their best in a worry-free environment. RITEK believes in a proper work-family balance and actively participating in each of its family members’ important moments, ensuring a positive and impactful career at RITEK. 

Comprehensive Employee Training

  • Employee Training: Technical / Management / General Training
  • Organizational Learning: Seminars /Forums /Reading groups/ Proposal improvements/ Library
  • Industry-University Cooperation: Cooperative Education & Internship Program/ Research Projects with domestic universities and colleges, international institutions
  • International training: Domestic and overseas factories Rotation / On-the-Job Training / Management professional training

Smooth career development

  • The opportunities for exceptional employees to be assigned as an expatriate in overseas branches
  • Job rotation: Training employees' second and third skills
  • Sound Promotion Policy

Comprehensive Employee Benefits Package

  • Bonus: Year-end bonus, performance bonus(based on the achievement of business and individual performance objectives during each year)
  • Health: Labor insurance, Health insurance, Pension plan, Group insurance, Health check-up, Medical room, Lactation room
  • Facilities: Parking lot for cars/motorcycles, Convenience Store, Cafeteria, Coffee Bar, Staff Dormitory
  • Employee Benefits: Gifts on Chinese New year, Mid-Autumn festival, Dragon Boat festival/Marriage, maternity and birthday gifts/ Health Care Benefits, funeral allowances and more/Travel allowances/Family day activities/ Year-end party / Company dinners on special occasions/ Discounts at affiliate retail stores/Emergency assistance / Social Clubs and activities