RITEK Bio-Technology; BIO DISC is a sensitive and high-speed sensor of
biomolecules. Function as inexpensive diagnostic tools for detection of blood, protein, DNA, and etc.

Bio Disc

Biological detection discs utilize RITEK’s precision technology to open many new and exciting opportunities for disease detection or experimental analysis. Using special microfluidic channels and centrifugal force, we can use the discs like test strips. Simply dropping a sample of blood on the disc and inserting the disc into a drive, we can then analyze blood instantly greatly decreasing testing times.

Contact Lenses

Using RITEK’s Molding and R&D Technology, RITEK Entered the Industry of Manufacturing Contact Lenses , RITEK Started Making Medical-Grade Contact Lenses as an OEM Service.

Ozone Systems

O3 (Ozone Water System) is Produce by RiTdisplay. It is Focusing on the Ozone Series of Sterilization Products.
Ozone Antibacterial Systems
In only 10 Seconds, the Machine can Kill Over 99% of Bacteria, Remove Over 75% of Pesticides, Remove Odors and Keep Food Fresh.
Internationally Certified Systems Bring the Power of Ozone to Your Home or Business.