Our Vision

Derived from the words “right technology,” RITEK’s name embodies excellence. Encompassing and inspiring the philosophy of ‘right’ opportunities and the ‘right’ products. RITEK believes in developing products that solve our customers’ needs even as times change. Endlessly learning, innovating, and expanding for our customers. 

As an extension of our philosophies, RITEK group is actively involved in a variety of cultural arts and educational projects as well as community outreach programs. Among its many projects, RITEK formed Ricare Day Service Center; a center that promotes and encourages autonomy in an active environment for people with light/moderate disabilities or dementia.  We hope to set an example for corporations around the world to help give back to their communities with love and care and compassion.

Message from the Founder

Having loved music all my life, I dared to start a vinyl record manufacturing company. I would later establish RITEK Technology in 1988 and two years later, with immense determination, successfully manufactured the first CD in Taiwan. Starting with CD albums to DVDs and later on to Blu-rays and Archival Discs, we consistently adapted and improved. RITEK has grown into a world leading storage media brand.
I founded this company on the principle that our customers deserve to be put first . This statement would become our company culture - providing customers with the best products and outstanding service. This is the heart of RITEK and our way of life. 


Message from the CEO

RITEK will continue its commitment to the development of sustainable green energy and will remain committed to investing in our employees and their skills.
In the face of a rapidly changing data storage industry, RITEK will continue to develop world-class storage media with higher capacities and longer life spans. While building upon our existing products and cultural arts foundation, our challenge is to integrate core technologies and resources into development of green energy technology and breaking into the healthcare industry.
Utilizing our employees’ foresight and execution skills, RITEK Group has been expanding and refining its its robust operations. RITEK has and will always seek to help bring economic, societal and environmental value to its communities. Continued success in this will ensure RITEK’s path of success for years to come