Green Energy

RITEK Group is an expert at facilitating all stages of green energy solution with its lineup of high performance solar modules, extensive expertise in power plant engineering and construction, and an integrated platform of long-term operation and maintenance service, as well as all-round power plant solutions. Furthermore, RITEK Group has also been committed to develop high-efficiency lithium battery modules from PCS, BESS, and EMS system to AIOT devices. Let customers to generate electricity while also storing additional energy and protecting the earth's resource.

Solar Module

The Crystalline (C-Si) solar modules manufactured by RITEK including its solar cells are all made in Taiwan, assuring top quality. RITEK produces both mono and poly-crystalline solar modules featuring a high efficiency cycle. RITEK is capable of providing customized solar solutions.

Solar System

RITEK’s team brings years of professional experience helping customers with integrating solar systems. The benefits of solar energy cause an immediate impact, reducing electricity costs and giving your brand a green reputation. RITEK provides both small-scale commercial and residential systems as well as large-scale power grid connections and systems for enterprises. RITEK is dedicated to providing you the best service and product.

Solar Power Plants

Formosa Sun Energy Corp. (FSEC) was established in 2012. It was acquired by U-tech Media Technology in 2018 and merged into the subsidiary company of RITEK Group. It is a domestic investor that engages in photovoltaic power station development.The main business is " planning and development of new site", "PV plant ownership" and "maintain the PV plant ".FSEC establishes a "one-stop integrated service" for each customer's individual project.

Energy Storage System

RiTWIN Corporation was established in August 2019. RiTWIN as a high-efficiency energy storage lithium battery module factory under the RITEK Group. It has taken the "energy storage solution" as its core mission. RiTWIN has also been committed to the research, development and innovation of battery productions. Let customers to generate electricity while also storing additional energy and protecting the earth's resource.

RiTWIN energy system combines with lithium-ion Battery, PCS, BESS, and EMS system integration energy management system. We can provide the reliable integration and one-stop shopping solutions and services with safety quality. We can fully meet the different needs of application such as residential, industrial and commercial power generation, transmission and distribution.