Metal Mask

RITEK has also dedicated itself to the research and development of nanotechnology. Over the years RITEK has developed advanced manufacturing technology for high-precision biological detection discs.

Bio Disc biological detection discs

Biological detection discs utilize RITEK’s precision technology to open many new and exciting opportunities for disease detection or experimental analysis. Using special microfluidic channels and centrifugal force, we can use the discs like test strips. Simply dropping a sample of blood on the disc and inserting the disc into a drive, we can then analyze blood instantly greatly decreasing testing times.

Metal Mask

Metal Mask includes electroformed steel plates and etched steel plates which are manufactured by RITEK and predominantly used in IC and SMT packages.

● SMT applications:
RITEK’s electroformed steel plate utilizing precise pores to control the amount of solder paste to provide a more accurate drop onto the stencil/bond pad on the PCB for welding.
● IC packages, i.e. Wafer Level Package, BGA, Flip Chip applications:
RITEK’s electroformed steel plate has a smooth porous wall and precise alignment for continuous Flux to fall smoothly, allowing the solder to easily bond accurately onto the corresponding UBM.
● SMR and IC packages applications
RITEK etched steel plates are made of double-sided etching, inquire about our competitive lead times and pricing

ITEK electroformed steel plates and etched steel plates can easily be customized for any customer specific requirements. Including specific pattern designs with different pore sizes, rib designs, L1/L2 designs, pitch sizes and space sizes. RITEK has the experience to help consult and guide customers to optimize their projects for any budget size.