International Real Estate

Through these diversified investment strategies, the group has expanded its investment portfolio to include the development of high-end residential, commercial complexes, and office buildings in carefully selected locations around the world.

Real Estate

- Serviced Apartments
With the increase in global business travel and long-term living needs, the group's investment in serviced apartments, known for their comprehensive facilities and convenient locations, has become the preferred choice for business professionals and long-term residents.

- Shopping Mall &Theme Park
In major cities and tourist destinations worldwide, the group has also built shopping malls and invested in theme parks, complementing them with dining, entertainment, and cultural activities, attracting a large number of consumers.

- Resort
Without the burden of a vacation home, enjoy top security and attentive management - as well as exclusivity unlike any resort hotel. each of the 44 villas in "AISIA Karuizawa" has its own unique layout for you to enjoy your own private world. what "AISIA Karuizawa" offers is a place for urban professionals to rediscover themselves, and find deep satisfaction in a rich resort lifestyle.