RITEK Corporation's Optical Disc Businesses


Ever since RITEK produced Taiwan's first CD, we have continued with the R&D of various types of optical disc products. Due to different applications, RITEK has made U-Tech, a company that produces pre-recorded discs, a subsidiary to handle pre-recording businesses. These pre-recorded discs are also called read-only discs, in which data can only be read but not rewritten. Recordable discs are usually called blank discs, which can be divided into write-once CD-Rs and DVD-Rs or rewritable CD-RWs, DVD-RWs, DVD-RAMs, etc. However, due to the recent increase in image data, blu-ray discs and ADs (Archival Discs) for storing big data have made their debut. When it comes to recordable discs, RITEK is one of the best in the industry.

At the same time, the rapid development of alternative storage media (such as flash drives, hard drives, memory cards, or solid-state drives), network cloud, as well as streaming media has led to the gradual decline of optical discs, which are nonetheless still a very good medium for recording and delivering cultural commodities.
People may wonder, "Why use optical discs when the Internet and hard disks are so convenient?" Yet, when it comes to material data, the one-time read-write feature of the discs can keep the data from being modified, deleted, and formatted. When sharing memorable images with family and friends, sending discs costs less than applying other storage media, and there is no need to worry about losing social media links. Broadly speaking, most of the social media data is stored in a data center or ADs. As for pre-recorded products such as game discs, some players prefer collecting, making second-hand transactions, or exchanging and sharing, which indicates that there's still demand for discs.
Besides discs, RITEK has a series of optical disc merchandise, including disc packagings and plastic storage sleeves. We also have all-in-one services for disc players and burners. Find out more on our official website at www.ritek.com. The times will continue to change, but optical discs will still have a place in the future of storage media.