Flash Memory–Storage Your Memory


When it comes to RITEK, it is without exception that people always think of its optical disc business. However, apart from being the largest manufacturer of optical discs, we have actually developed other types of storage media. RITEK has always been well-known for producing optical discs for major international brands, and it is still their top choice.

With the idea of creating a brand in the beginning, considering the future development of a private brand, we created another brand, RIDATA (right for all your data), as the starting point for our own brand in the optical disc industry while as a goal for our storage media business. We aim to store all the data you want and expect ourselves to be an important partner in big data storage.
Gradually, our other storage extension products are sold in the brand of RIDATA. At present, it is easy to see RIDATA's products displayed and sold in the local streets in Iran, Japan, Vietnam, Africa, and Iraq. Storage extension products refer to flash drives, memory cards, hard disk drives, solid-state drives, memory, etc. of what is now called "flash memory family". In addition, we have produced smart bracelets in batches.
We have our own R&D team, production equipment, and quality assurance mechanism for our products, so that customers do not need to worry about quality issues. We will also continue to develop and innovate. Anything related to data storage, we get it all covered. Welcome to visit our official website for all the storage products you need.