RITEK's Solar Energy Business


The use and development of energy has always been a issue of concern to many people. It is not merely an issue in the area of science and technology development, for it also affects our quality of life. As such, natural, clean resource applications, as well as energy saving and carbon reduction have gained traction in recent years. Solar energy is an infinite source of energy for the Earth. In the past ten years, there have been huge advances in the development of solar energy, and its use has been extended to deserts, factories, fish ponds, roofs, campuses, farmhouses, etc.

RITEK has, in fact, been focusing its efforts on the solar power industry for more than ten years. In the early stages of development, the focus was on the production of solar modules. In doing so, RITEK gained key technologies and rapid production advantages, including the ability to self-assemble equipment. Compared to other domestic manufacturers, it was able to dispatch shipments with a minimal lead time, and there was no concerns as to its supply capacity. At the same time, RITEK was able to deliver high-quality products to customers. In addition to the strict quality inspections conducted by RITEK's professional laboratories, the modules produced by the company have also passed the inspections of independent third-party institutions, such as the German TÜV certification and the UL certification of the US organization. On the domestic front, it has also passed the standards set for certification by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection; RITEK Solar also won the Taiwan Excellent PV Award by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
In recent years, RITEK Solar has been dedicating itself to the construction of modular systems and precision solar power plants, with the hopes of gradually replacing the consumption of other energy sources with solar power plants, given the declining global natural resources, thereby achieving the goal of environmental protection. RITEK Solar has a professional team with real system setup experience, from consulting, planning and design to construction, the company provides a one-stop shop for integrated services that creates customized system settings for customers. Additionally, to meet customers' needs for electricity cost savings and green energy application, besides the original product applications above, we have also continued to develop new products to meet the needs of various specialized fields.
Science and Technological development might seem to be at odds with energy conservation and environmental protection, but in fact they are mutually complementary. With more advanced technologies for application, we may be better able to manage the Earth's resources. RITEK Solar adheres to the maxim of "Energy Innovation for a Smart Earth", and takes its social responsibility of carbon reduction and environmental protection seriously so as to work with you to create a better quality of life. If you require solar modules or the power station installation services, please feel free to contact us. RITEK Solar looks forward to offering you a great service experience.