The LCD industry has always been one of the leading industries in Taiwan. As early as the 1990s', Taiwanese companies started building the production lines of large-sized LCDs. In about 2000, the TV industry started tranformation from producing traditinal CRT (cathode-ray tube) displays to producing new flat panel LCD displays. The flat panel display has advantages in terms of production, portability, and adaptibilty to large and small sizes. As it has become smaller and smaller, it mostly apperars in the home applicances and consumer electronis for control purpose. The digital evolution factiliates the popularity of computers, consumer electronics, and communication devices for smarter lifes.
The RITEK Group has diversfied its businesses. One of its products has close relationships with the digital life and revolutionizes the era. It is the panel-based products. In 2000, RITEK established RiTdipaly that is dedicated to developing PMOLED; in the same year, RITEK also developed the core conductive glass technologies and established AimCore in 2007.
The PMOLED is the main product of RiTdipaly and has the advantages: less power consumption, ultra-slim thickness, lightweight, wide viewing angle, rapid responsiveness, and high contrast. The main product applications cover the 6" or below displys and varuious embedded products. The home applications inclue: the displays used for the smart home control, the electric cooker, oven, refrigerator, washing machine, and vacuum cleaner. The healthcare applications include: the displays used for the pulse oximeter and tester; and the application also include those used for the wearables, PC peripherals, and auto peripherals.
The ITO conductive glass is the main product of AimCore and one of the key materials of the touch panel. It has high transmittance, high uniformity, and high reliability. Its applications range from LCD display panels, such as: the touch panel, OLED flat display panels, smart phones, tablets, e-book reader, digital cameras, notebooks, LCD monitors, satellite navigation, ATM, ticket vending machines, and public kisoks... etc.

Your habit has changed within 20 years. These touch products have been commonly present everwhere today. But 20 years ago, they represented the development that had changed daily lifes. You can expect our next-generation development and visions.


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