RITEK at Computex Taipei 2017 Revisit the Charm of Vinyl Records Experience a Brand New Past


Taipei (May 26, 2017)- As the world advances, we feel increasingly nostalgic. The world's leading storage manufacturer RITEK Corporation (RITEK) will showcase vinyl products at Computex Taipei 2017, bringing us back to experience the charm of a simpler past. 

Revival of Vinyl Memory, Experience of Easy Storage
You may not know that RITEK started in the vinyl business and produced the first compact disk in Taiwan in 1990 before it became the largest CD manufacturer in the world. The founder of RITEK, Mr. Jin-tai Yeh(葉進泰) began the manufacturing and marketing of vinyl records in 1957. From vinyl, CD, DVD, Blu-ray 200G and other large-capacity storage media to mobile storage devices such as OTG (on-the-go), UHS-I memory cards to SSD (solid-state drive), RITEK has been at the forefront of the storage technology. At Computex Taipei 2017, RITEK hopes to create an innovative nostalgia and bring all the visitors to the savor the charm of the past. 

Emergence of Smart Wearables and RITEK on OLED Displays 
Wearables such as smart bands are gaining popularity. RITEK will showcase OLED displays and applications manufactured by its affiliate RiTdisplay Corporation. These small-sized displays are light, compact and energy efficient, poised as the best choice for wearables. RITEK promises you a whole new of tech experience.