Creative Industries

From RITEK’s origins of producing vinyl records all the way to modern CDs, RITEK has always been a part of musical culture. We hope to continue our innovations in the cultural industries.

Old Town

With the aid from the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government, RITEK group, U-Tech, was honored with the responsibility in rebuilding the Yangmingshan American Military Housing. Renovating the spaces with American inspired style, ‘’Old Town’’ becomes a perfect blend of modern and traditional designs. Belong to the Old Town, Brick Yard 33 with rich collections of vinyls, is a great place for all music lovers. Here, you can easily feel creating and inspiring, lively, and retro atmosphere.


Nishiki Town

The Japanese-style Nishiki Town dormitory has a Japanese style housing layout with bamboo-mud-walls and weather-board siding. Its frame is made of wooden truss with the black brick roof. The overall structure is wooden one with the Japanese-style architecture features. There are Japanese bars, flow shops, bakery serving pour-over coffee, Japanese-style restaurants, Japanese-style Omakase, tea houses, Wagashi shops, and Icy & fruit shops.

HeHao Center

HeHao Center is a unique business concept that revolves around the tight connection between people and the environment. It provide diverse market services to cater to our customers’ needs while also striving to create a harmonious social space that fosters meaningful relationships among individuals.