The Rise of Esports


As PCs and Internet are becoming more and more popular, and the online gaming emerges, PC games has been one of leisure and entertainment activities initially, but gradually become one kind of sport. The currently so-called Esports (also known as electronic sports) is mainly a competition where electronic games are played. No conclusion has yet been reached on whether Esports is a sport event. Currently, the Esports mainly realizes electronic gaming competition through the human-machine interface and demonstrates teamwork, intelligence, and responsiveness. Player’s physical fitness and spirit have been tested as well.

For Esports, the electronic system serves as foundation for games. As a result, hardware, peripherals, networking, and software are essential. Hardware means the PC, notebook, or cell phone; peripheral means the keyboard, mouse, and headphone; the game means software.
When it comes to gamer’s peripherals, the mechanical gaming keyboard is a more ideal choice than the membrane counterpart for gamers; the mechanical keyboard features single-switch for one key, faster triggering speed, durability, and solid-press for gamers to play with. .
When selecting a mouse, in addition to the size suitable for your hand, you should select a mouse with high “DPI,” which refers to the “dots” per inch during mouse movement. The higher the DPI is, the shorter distance the mouse moves. But a higher DPI value may result in inaccurate aiming at targets because of its too high speed. It depends on gamer’s configuration for the game item. Other factors include the sensitivity and comfort. Let’s select a mouse which allows you to comfortably play with for a long period of time. .
The biggest difference between the Esports headphone and music counterpart is that it allows gamers to precisely identify orientation and receive voices during gameplay. Its overall mission is to have zero latency and bring life-like and immersive experience to gamers in their games as if they are in a real world. .
Keyboards, headphones, mouses are tools which interact with gamers for a long time. In addition to aesthetics, comfort and durability affect your gaming experience. In addition to gamers, you can use these immersive tools to enjoy a virtual trip using the monitor and headphone before you can really go out to make a trip. .
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